At Secret Boutique, we’re a group of students who believe that changing the world starts when we each make a conscious decision and take action to make life better for the people around us. One way we’re creating positive change and encouraging peace is by collecting fashionable, gently-used clothing, shoes, outerwear, and accessories for other students who are bullied because of what they wear, how they look, and even things like body odor or their hair style.

Secret Boutique: We need your help!

In our community and many others around the country, many families struggle to get by.  As a result, their kids may not be able to dress the way some other students dress. We know kids who don’t get to bathe regularly because they don’t always have water service where they live. Some kids need personal care products they can’t afford. Others don’t have the money to go to a professional stylist to get their hair cut. We don’t believe this is shameful, and we don’t believe anyone should be bullied because money is tight.

We’re doing something about it. We’re going to change our world!

How about you? Would you like to help us change the world — one person at a time?

We’re tired of watching people in our schools get bullied. Enough is enough. In order to help our peers, we’re working hard to provide:

  • Clothes. Students in need and those in foster care are able to stock their closets with free fashionable clothes on a regular basis thanks to the generous donations of our supporters and sponsors.
  • Fashion Advice. Our fashion consultants work with students to help them build a multi-purpose wardrobe by carefully choosing pieces that work with their unique style and clothing needs.
  • Aesthetic Services and Products. With the help of our network of professional stylists and aestheticians, students in need receive free hair cuts and styling services, manicures and pedicures, skincare and makeup consultations, and personal care products.
  • Health and Wellness Classes. Because beauty is more than skin deep, we offer group fitness classes and workshops to help our students learn how to make healthy choices — even on a meager budget.
  • Service Options. Secret Boutique isn’t just a charity clothing closet or somewhere students come to get a change of clothes; it’s a eye-opening service opportunity for  students, many of whom may have been blind to the needs of others or to the effects of bullying on their peers.
  • Anti-Bullying Training and Education. We know that it takes more than a change of clothes to end the scourge of bullying; it takes a change of heart. At Secret Boutique, students (and adults) learn how to recognize bullying, effectively intervene, and create a culture of acceptance, tolerance, and teamwork in their schools, homes, and communities.
  • Community. When people come together in unity, powerful things happen. Change happens — not just in minds and not just in actions, but in hearts. Working and sharing life alongside each other, strangers discover new neighbors. Neighbors discover new friends. Friends discover new family members. A community is born.

HELP US STOP BULLYING, build up our community, and change our world — one student at a time.

You can support Secret Boutique and give a life a make-over by sponsoring a student, donating clothes or money, organizing a community clothing drive, making love notes to be slipped in pockets and shoes, volunteering your time, or even opening an affiliate location in your community.  Read Sierra’s Story

For more information, email our sponsor, Jenelle Watson, at: jenellewatson@gmail.com


Aldo, Anna, Brian, Claire, Cristian, Crystal, Ethan, Fabian, Fabian (aka “Flabio”), Giancarlo, Grace, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Jonathan, Liz, Mariel, Max, Miriam, Pablo, Princessa, RJ, Sophia, and Stephanie

— The Students of PeaceAndChange.org, #ItBeginsWithMe, and Secret Boutique